Clearly we make kitchen cabinets, vanities, wall units and closets. Most cabinet companies do. We stand apart by embracing the idea of Whole Home Millwork, an old idea meaning the folks who build your cabinets also provide your countertops, your furniture, your bookcases, shelving, mantelpiece etc. Whole Home Millwork creates a much greater range of possibilities for our customers and a greater connection and continuity to the final product. Here’s how it started: while working on kitchen projects we noticed our clients would be working hard to also find new furniture (like a dining table, stools for a breakfast bar or even a new bedroom suite), as well as accessories (say a cutting board or rolling pin or even a butler’s caddy for their walk-in-closet). By having real designers and cabinetmakers on the team we can offer each of these solutions – it’s a time honoured way of creating a home and it allows our customers to ensure personalized function and visual continuity throughout the whole project. We wish to provide you with this level of artistry, previously only available when working with small shop artisans and nineteenth century architects, and not readily available today. It’s a very special feeling to know the furniture in your house is unique to you and your home.

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For many decades Cardinal has continued to advance the design of its very popular cabinet lines for home owners, designers and builders. This is a fact. It ensures the market we serve can rely on us – we are here to be your supplier.

McKaskell Haindl designs and makes edgy, well-crafted cabinets, furniture and accessories for unique, sometimes challenging  projects where their team’s breadth of knowledge and experience is desired.

Together we serve residential and commercial clients; and, like the mix of specialties found on a fine restaurant’s kitchen team, we each benefit from bringing quite different skills, knowledge and experience to the same floor. Together we become more than just another cabinet shop. By plating the design and the manufacturing process with a side of high-end craft we make the leap from lonesome industry and solitary artisan to an aesthetic movement worth paying attention to.

In cahoots, we are. INDUSTRIAL ARTISTS


Design is difficult to define. The process changes project to project and depends largely on the needs of the client which are highly personal and not always obvious. Designers are trained to respond to aesthetic and functional challenges and are skilled at determining the spatial and stylistic needs of a client as they relate to the scope of a project. Good design collaboration will always prove its value long after the process has finished.

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All our decisions are based on the balance of combining the best practices, the best technology and the best materials available in the industry. This means, without attaching ourselves to unnecessary memberships or certifications, we use durable and environmentally friendly waterborne finishes, the best sheet goods available that are in keeping with the expectations of the project, and we use only the best door and drawer hardware available to us. We also engage in local urban lumber salvage and support responsible forest husbandry through our work behind the scenes on municipal committees, through support of both pre and post-secondary education as well as through apprenticeship training. Whenever and wherever possible we strive to make things better and more sustainable. Very practically, we do this to provide the best possible product value.

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