The bond between Cardinal and McKaskell Haindl represents more than 80 years of organized excellence in the industrial arts. By working together we are able to fashion a much wider range of possibility in the creation of cabinets, furniture, accessories and, of course, a greater breadth in our design vocabulary. By working together we are able to provide Whole Home Millwork.

Cardinal Design Team


Our designers focus on developing the right solution for each new project challenge – they are our idea people: always curious and exploring; dedicated and passionate about design and craft. As individuals, this group is well teamed. Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, they are thinkers and doers, each one hardworking, experienced, sometimes irreverent, somewhat disheveled and always on the ball. Most importantly? Always working toward forging improvements in your relationship with the design and manufacturing process.

Cardinal Admin Team

Office Pros

Friendly, inspired, driven to serve the greater good, and with a wealth of education and experience. These folks are naturally high achievers/organizers who love to pitch in with verve and flair and also have a deep desire to keep the team moving and on track so as to bring your project’s vision to life.

Cardinal Shop Admin

Shop Leaders

With backgrounds in production process management, engineering, hardware and materials management, plant and facilities management, human resources and industrial safety, these professionals may rarely be seen throughout the process, but they are the ones who make things happen and see to it that everything gets done!

Cardinal Production Team

Production Team

Our masters of The Magic Process – this team moves as one through each project like a well-oiled machine. Coming from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds and countries this team is made up of massively capable individuals, working toward a singular goal. We couldn’t be more proud of the things this group achieves on our shop floor.

Cardinal - Custom Team

Custom Shop Specialists

Drawing on the knowledge of craftspeople from diverse backgrounds such as marquetry, furniture-making, restoration, pipe organ building, house building, wood-carving, architecture and turning, our custom shop is one-of-a-kind. This is an elite unit of Master Cabinetmakers, each with a wealth of training and experience as well as an interest in sharing their skills by teaching apprentices. From traditional joinery to the latest European trends, these pros can make anything.

Cardinal - Installation Team

Installation & Service Experts

Quick-witted and sure of foot, this team of professionals is adaptable and intelligent. Their real job? To rise and meet unexpected challenges. Installing beautiful cabinets is second nature as is the desire to ensure each project is completed with care ensuring your pleasure with the final results.